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Aichi Scholarship Program


The Aichi Prefectural Government is currently taking applications for the Aichi Scholarship Program. Utilizing scholarship money provided by the prefectural government, students from Asia will travel to Aichi and enroll in graduate school to study the specialized fields and related subjects that support Aichi’s manufacturing industry. After completing their courses of study, these students will then be highly expected to seek employment within Aichi.

* Applicants ideally possess a basic Japanese Knowledge such as JLPT4 (Japanese language Proficiency Test).

Conditions about Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

If a student cannot pass Japanese-Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) from grade N1 to N4, the amount of stipend (normally JPY150,000) will be decreased from JPY150,000 to JPY100,000. In that case, the amount will be JPY150,000 again one month after if the student passes it and accepted the result by Aichi Prefectural Government.

If a student cannot get an acceptance from a company in Aichi the student work for, the scholarship ends in February, 2024.

Application procedures

  1. Please find faculty you wish to receive supervising and get one’s acceptance.
  2. Once get an acceptance, prepare the documents.
  3. Send data of the documents via email to NITech International Student Affairs Office(
  4. International Student Affairs Office check the application documents and reply. When you get the reply, please send the documents via postal mail to your supervisor to check them and submit to International Student Affairs Office.
    Sending address: postal code 466-8555 Nagoya, Showa, Gokiso Nagoya Institute of Technology, Prof. xxx lab
  5. Internal Deadline:April 9th, 2021

* The internal selection is done after the internal deadline.
Although the deadline of Aichi Prefecture is May 20th, 2021, applications after the internal deadline will not be accepted.


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