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The Opening of the NITech's First Liaison Office in Beijing

Category:News|Publishing : July 14, 2011

Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech) pressing ahead with global expansion, global information collection & sharing, and recruitment goal of attracting the best candidates, aimed to culminate in the establishment of the first NITech liaison office. The Nagoya Institute of Technology Beijing Office with an imposing air started functioning in June on the campus of Beijing university of Chemical Technology (BUCT).

This office celebrated its grand opening on June 27of 2011 with unveiling ceremony and a reception gathering.

It was truly amazing to see the blessing ceremony performed surrounded by the participants, including NITech group led by the President Dr. TAKAHASHI, BUCT group headed by President Dr. ZIHAO, and honored guests from Japan Embassy to China as well as JSPS Beijing Office, along with alumni of NITech in Shanghai and Tianjin.

This office is determined to play central roles at various types of dimensions. For example, the office can serve as excellent sources that are helpful in recruiting brilliant students and researchers throughout China. The office can also plan promotional events for dissemination of a general overview, along with news and information, about NITech to the society.

Now, the establishment of the first liaison office rekindles NITech ambition to spread its wings across the whole world. NITech will get prepared to open liaison offices in Europe and East South Asia (Malaysia).

Furthermore, the global integration is going to be seen here too. In 2011 BUCT Liaison Office will be launched on our campus.

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