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Assoc Prof. Hirata elected Fellow of Institute of Physics

Category:News|Publishing : October 21, 2013

In Oct. 2013, Dr. Akimasa Hirata has  been elected as a Fellow of The Institute of Physics, headquartered in London. The Institute of Physics is a leading international scientific society, whose aim is to advance the understanding, practice, and application of physics.

Fellows, who are selected by rigorous peer review, must have demonstrated significant contributions to the discipline.

Dr. Akimasa Hirata is a scientist whose expertise in electromagnetics, especially in computational modeling of the interaction between humans and electromagnetic fields. His studies have significantly contributed the limit and metric in the international standards and guidelines for human protection from electromagnetic fields.

He is a member of IEEE International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety, a member of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) Scientific Expert Group. He is also a member of international advisory board of Physics in Medicine and Biology from 2011.





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