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International students enjoyed the Japanese Tea Ceremony lesson.

Category:News|Publishing : June 26, 2014

On 25 June, 2014, 33 international students enjoyed the Japanese Tea Ceremony lesson at a Japanese style room of NITech International House. An instructor of Matuo-Ryu gave a professional lesson with an interpreter.

What is the Japanese Tea Ceremony?
The tea ceremony (sado: "the way of the tea") is a ceremonial way of preparing and drinking tea. The custom has been strongly influenced by Zen Buddhism.Nowadays, the tea ceremony is a relatively popular hobby. Many Japanese, who are interested in their own culture, take tea ceremony lessons. Tea ceremonies are held in traditional Japanese rooms in cultural community centres or private houses.The ceremony itself consists of many rituals that have to be learned by heart. Almost each hand movement is prescribed. Basically, the tea is first prepared by the host, and then drunk by the guests. The tea is matcha green tea made of powdered tea leaves. (

The instructor explained one by one.

Alcove in a traditional Japanese room where art or flowers are displayed.

Japanese sweets were also served.


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