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An excursion to Ise Shrine and Shima Spain Village

Category:News|Publishing : July 22, 2014

On 12 July, 2014, 45 students including 35 international students and 10 Japanese students enjoyed an excursion to Ise Jingu (Shrine) and Shima Spin Village in Mie Pref. with a purpose of multicultural exchange

Ise Jingu (Shrine)
The Ise Jingu consists of two shrines: the Outer Shrine (Geku), which is dedicated to Toyouke, the Shinto deity of clothing, food and housing, and the Inner Shrine (Naiku), which enshrines the most venerated deity Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess. They are Shinto's most sacred shrines.
Naiku and Geku are located several kilometers apart from each other at the foot of densely wooded hills. Unlike most other Shinto shrines, the Ise Shrines are built in a purely Japanese architecture style which shows almost no influence from the Asian mainland. Naiku is believed to have been established in the 3rd century and Geku in the 5th century. (
Shima Spain Village "PARQUE ESPAÑA"
As its name, "Park of Spain" in Spanish, clearly shows, PARQUE ESPAÑA is a unique Spanish-themed amusement park.  PARQUE ESPAÑA was established based on our belief that a great theme park requires a great "environment," including detailed landscaping and space design, and also great "attractions" that create a dream-filled world. In Spain, people greet each other with smiles, dance together whenever they can find reason for, celebrate festivals enthusiastically, and play until they have no regrets. Our theme park is filled with such a buoyant atmosphere of Spain that encourages you to entertain yourself with unlimited fun. Visitors to the park will enjoy all the essences of attractions from Spain through the park's beautiful reproduction of Spanish streetscapes, unique attractions, characteristic restaurants, and diverse shops and stores. (Shima Spain Village)

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