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Moroccan National TV2M introduced Prof. Iwamoto and his laboratory.

Category:News|Publishing : December 15, 2014

Moroccan National TV2M that visited Nagoya for UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development held on 10-12 November interviewed Prof. Iwamoto and his laboratory members on 13 November and introduced it as part of the TV news on Japan on 14 December 2014.
You can watch the broadcast TV2M (between 18 and 21 minute).

Ms. Zineb Mouline (Morocco) joined Prof. Iwamoto's laboratory from France CNRS Europe Membrane Institute as part of projects of a collaboration research unit with Membrane Science & Technology. She became a visiting assistant professor effective from 1 December. TV2M shot Ms. Mouline's research and daily life at the laboratory as a Moroccan active researcher in Japan. TV2M also interviewed Prof. Iwamoto and other students.

[Ms. Mouline's research]
Her research topic is Synthesis of organoamino group-functionalized amorphous silica-based hybrid materials and fabrication of the hybrid membranes for gas separation.

From the left: TV2M crew, Prof. Iwamoto, Ms. Mouline
From the left: Ms. Mouline, Mr. Yohei Shimokawa, TV2M crew
Ms. Mouline, the third from the left

Some shots of the broadcast are as below.

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