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EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility

Predication technology of radiated EM field from in-vehicle equipment connected by wire harness

Estimate radiated EM field based on measurement of common mode current at one position and the equivalent antenna principle. Effective for pre-confirmation and pre-testing in the design stage.

Development of non-contact impedance measurement method for in-vehicle equipment

Measure device's input impedance during operation. Enables EMC design based on parameters when power on.

Electromagnetic interference evaluation technology for driver-mounted biosensors

Clarify the mechanism of conversion of common mode to differential mode, and propose an immunity test system using human equivalent phantom.

ESD testing of automotive components using Field Coupling Plane

Clarify the behavior of electronic components and electric circuits for field coupling plane in response to ESD pulses in accordance with ISO 10605 (→ Powered ESD).

Validation of TLP-HMM (Joint study with Wada Lab., Kyoto Univ.)

Verify the validity of TLP-HMM, Human Metal Model which realizes the ESD standard current waveform by combining the Transmission Line Pulse and CR circuit,
as an alternative test for ESD.
→ Contribute to new international standards

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