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Vehicle Network Laboratory (VeNeL)


August 1, 2019 - March 31, 2023


Manabu Kagami (Laboratory Director)

Collaborating Partners

  • Manabu Kagami, Specially Appointed Prof.
  • Jianqing Wang, Prof.
  • Yoshihiro Ito, Associate Prof.
  • Eiji Okamoto, Associate Prof.
  • Koji Numata, Project Researcher
  • Masatoshi Yonemura, Project Researcher
  • Osami Wada, Project Prof. (Kyoto Univ.)
  • Okihiro Sugihara, Project Prof. (Utsunomiya Univ.)
  • Kunihiko Sasaki, Project Prof. (DENSO)
  • Kazuya Suzuki, Project Researcher (Akita Prefectural Univ.)
  • Hideki Goto, Project Researcher (Toyota Motor)
  • Takumi Nomura, Project Researcher (Honda Motor)
  • Ryohei Kawabuchi, Project Researcher (Mazda Motor)
  • Tetsuji Kawatsu, Project Researcher (NEC Communication System, Ltd)
  • Naoshi Serizawa, Project Researcher (Yazaki)
  • Ayumu Kubota, Project Researcher (KDDI Research)
  • Tomoyuki Koike, Project Researcher (DENSO)
  • Hisayoshi Yoshikawa, Project Researcher (Mazda Motor)


The project laboratory aims to evaluate the reliability of in-vehicle communication and contribute to the realization of safe and secure automatic driving systems.

The project laboratory conducts research on high reliability technology for communication required for "autonomous car" and "connected car", links to international standard proposal through industry-academia-government collaboration, and provides test & consultation environment for international standard compliance.

In particular, focusing on the three pillars of hardware: EMC at the physical layer level, QoS above the data link layer, and security below the network layer, the project laboratory will develop high-immunity wired (optical fiber, copper wire, etc.) and wireless communication systems, as well as the integrated evaluation method for system integrity in the automotive environment.

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