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Wired communication (Optical cable)

Optical physical layer

Optical communication system simulation

Optical communication systems using optical fibers as transmission media have excellent EMC characteristics. We are constructing a simulator that estimates communication performance in consideration of fiber routing (length, connector axis deviation, bending). Various DSP (Digital Signal Processing) such as multi-level coding and error correction technology can be applied. We also design customized passive components and optical systems.

Optical transmission system evaluation and standard conformance test

Standards such as 1000BASE-RH for Automotive Optical Ethernet define test points (TP) for the electrical and optical domains. ISO21111-3, -5 describes conformance test items and interconnectivity test items and their methods. ISO21111-4 specifies the test method for optical components with reference to IEC standards. This laboratory conducts these tests and proposes new test methods that are required.

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