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Qos (Quality of Service)

QoS evaluation at upper layers

We study not only QoS at data-link layer but also those at upper layers. We will totally assess end-to-end QoS.

Examples of evaluation for IEEE 802.1TSN networking

To realize Level4/5 automotive, IEEE 802.1 TSN(Time Sensitive Networking) is indispensable for In-Vehicle networks. technologies. Since IEEE 802.1 TSN has various standards, it is not clear how to use them appropriately.

We study design and evaluation for In-Vehicle network with IEEE802.1 TSN standards by experiments and simulations.

The following are results of experimental results of QoS evaluation over an IEEE 802.1TSN network.

The experiment uses Strict Priority Queueing(SPQ) and Credit Based Shaper(CBS)(IEEE 802.1Q); it also considers Frame Preemption(IEEE 802.1 Qbu).

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