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GrandTech Fujimoto Interdiscipline Research Institute

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Prof.Atsushi Aoki


Director of Laboratories

Nagoya Institute of Technology

  • Yamashita Keiji (Professor)
  • Dewa Takehisa (Associate Professor)
  • Mizuno Toshihisa (Associate Professor)
  • Ozawa Tomohiro(Associate Professor)
  • Inomata Tomohiko (Associate Professor)
  • Kato Masashi(Associate Professor)
  • Sakaguchi Masamichi (Associate Professor)
  • Tanaka Yoshihiro (Associate Professor)
  • Kondo Masaharu (Assistant Professor)
  • Fujimoto Hideo (Distinguished Professor)
  • Ito Shigeru (Distinguished Professor)
  • Mochiyama Hiromi (Associate Professor:University of Tsukuba)
  • Takesue Naoyuki (Associate Professor:Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • Narita Hirohisa (Associate Professor:Meijo University)
  • Nagano Yoshitaka (Associate Professor:Aichi University of Tecnology)
  • Tateno Toshitake (Associate Professor:Meiji University)
  • Nango Mamoru (Special Appointment Professor:Osaka City University)
  • Kameyama Tetsuya (Nagoya Industries:Promotion Corporation)
  • Kanehira Ren (Professor Fujita :Health University)


For manufacturing, technology that can be a new breakthrough has been required. Our project aims to, for example, enter an advanced development in collaboration with material field and mechanical engineering/ electric information field that is represented by recent revolutionary progress in added processing techniques based on development achievements of robot systems such as accomplishments of the past large-scale projects executed by the members in our project institute, tradition of skills, automated support robot in which haptic force sense is in core of the technology, medical treatment, rehabilitation, welfare support equipment robot, and so on. Also, we attempt at an interdisciplinary advanced development to cope with remarkable technological field including hydrogen energy used by mainly automobile industry. In order to construct sustainable society using hydrogen energy system, we develop solar hydrogen production system by various methods such as water electrolysis, water splitting and photosynthetic bacteria. Novel 3D printing system and the application are developed in collaboration with material field and mechanical engineering/electric information field.  The plastic resin, elastic and gel materials for 3D printer and 3D biomaterials molding for tailor-made medical care are our research target.

As mentioned above, we implement extensive researches from basic study to applied technology development in fusion of broad academic intelligence and enterprise technology. Further, we aim to create multilateral new scientific region and industrialization of research results, and to train young researchers and technical engineers.

Contact Us

Address Nagoya Institute of Technology Center for Social Contribution and Collaboration Takuma Yano
GrandTech Fujimoto Research Institute Office +81-52-735-5330
(establishment date: April,2016)

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