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Millimeter-wave and Teraherz-wave Wireless System Laboratory

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4/1, 2020-3/31,2023


Prof. Kunio Sakakibara


  • Kunio Sakakibara Professor
  • Nobuyoshi Kikuma Professor
  • Yoshiki Sugimoto Assistant Professor
  • Rohani Binti Bakar Researcher
  • Diawuo Henry Abu Researcher
  • Nguyen Thanh Tuan Researcher


Whole microwave band lower than 10GHz has already been used for various applications. There is no space in frequency band for other wireless applications increasing day by day toward the future. Therefore, Millimeter-wave band and Teraherz-band are expected to be used for many wireless applications in our life.

We develop high-gain beam-scanning antenna systems for automotive millimeter-wave radar systems in 80GHz band and high-speed wireless communication systems in 300GHz band by using electromagnetic simulator and measurement systems up to 330GHz band in this laboratory.

Automotive millimeter-wave radar systems

Millimeter-wave communication systems

Teraherz lens antenna (Polypropylene, Design frequency: 280GHz)

Low-cost slotted waveguide planar antenna formed by plated plastic (Design frequency: 79GHz)

Microstrip planar antenna (Fluorocarbon resin film, Japan Pillar Package NPC-F220CJ, Design frequency: 79GHz)

Rotman-lens multi-beam antenna

Meta serface (Reduction of reflection loss of glass or plastic plate)

Near-field and far-field measurement systems (up to 330GHz)

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