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500 mosquitoes can be captured in 3 hours without insecticide or electricity.

Category:News|Publishing : November 10, 2014

The venture company of Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech), TSET Co. Ltd. (President: Koki Fujikawa) has developed the mosquito trap (M-Trap, PCT patent applying). The inventor is the former professor of NITech, Dr. Kenzo Iwao, who spent 20 years for various kinds of mosquito trap. He is also the visiting professor of Universiti Technologi Malaysia (UTM) which is the sister school of NITech. He has taught the technology for students in UTM. Now, he is busy for controlling the dengue mosquitoes suddenly appeared in Japan this summer.

Structure and function:
The trap is made of plastic cardboard and foldable, which is black and triangular in shape with equilateral sides measuring around 40 centimeters.
The mosquitoes come near and land on sticky plates mounted on the roof in order to attack this suspected animal and sequentially trapped by this adhesive surface.
M-Trap and trapped mosquito
All dust-like spots are Aedes Alpopictus.
They regard this trap as a suspected animal.
Aedes Alpopictus
Biting human skin to suck blood

Performance and maintenance:
Improvement of attractants and sticky materials spent many years. Nowadays, around 500 mosquitoes can be trapped by a trap in the NITech yard.
One of important things is to select suitable place to install the trap where many mosquitoes are flying.

Diseases carried by mosquito:
Dengue fever, Dengue hemorrhagic fever, West Nile fever, Malaria, Filaria, Chikungunya, Sleepy sickness etc.

For further information, please watch NHK World news.

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