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Research Center for non-firing ceramics

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Masayoshi Fuji


  • Takashi Shirai
  • Shuichi Iwata
  • Chika Takai
  • Hadi Razavi Khosroshahi
  • Kyoichi Fujimoto
  • Tatsuya Tomioka


Issues of environmental protection and sustainable development are gaining an increasing importance in everyday life, and ceramic materials are not exceptions. In particular, investigating novel environment-friendly methods for ceramics processing has become an urgent need. In our research institute the surface of raw powders is activated by a mechanochemical treatment method. In this method, chemical reactions initiate faster and more easily thanks to the activated surfaces. Activated particles can be mixed with solvents like water, in which particles tend to chemically react to each other, and as a consequence solidification will occur without any sophisticated sintering methods. Investigating the mechanism of solidification, finding suitable raw powders, developing the process, and developing a new type of functional materials are mainly addressed in our institute. This novel non-sintering solidification method is capable of significant energy conservation as large as one order of magnitude, and reducing CO2 as compared to conventional sintering methods, which require fossil fuels. In addition, organic materials which are not appropriate to be sintered at high temperatures can easily be incorporated to ceramics and fabricating composites.

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