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NGK Material Innovation Laboratory (NIL)



Prof. Hideki Mori

Deputy Director

Project Prof. Shuichi Yoshida

Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech)


  • Yo Ichikawa
  • Masaki Tanemura
  • Tomokastu Hayakawa
  • Akinori Takasu

Associate Professors:

  • Noriyuki Sonoyama
  • Kalita Golap

Assistant Professor:

  • Reona Miyazaki

Coordinate Associate Professor

  • Takuma Yano (Organization for Co-Creation Research and Social Contribution)


around 21 researchers


NGK Material Innovation Laboratory (NIL) is working on the challenging development of innovative products for next-generation semiconductor materials and next-generation battery components.

Target of researches

(1) Next-generation semiconductor materials
  • Oxide materials for light-emitting devices
(2) Next-generation battery components
  • New separator materials with high Li-ion conductivity,
  • New electrode materials with high capacity

Fig.1 Oxide particles with a hexagonal
plate-like shape

Fig.2 Oxide thin film with a columnar

NGK Material Innovation Laboratory features the collaboration of the professors of various specialties (materials, devices, processing, and simulation chemistry) from NITech with the researchers from NGK R&D sections to accomplish the challenging goals by consolidating university's science and industry's technology. This scheme makes it possible to conduct researches on multiple tasks in different technical aspects simultaneously, which further enables rapid implementation of a series of R&&D from fundamentals to mass-production techniques.

Contact Us

Address Takuma Yano, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Organization for Co-Creation Research and Social Contribution

(establishment date: April,2016)

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