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Prospective Students


  Screening Fee Admission Fee Tuition Fee
Undergraduate Students 17,000 yen 282000 yen 535,800 yen
Graduate Students 30,000 yen 282,000 yen 535,800 yen
Non-degree research Students 9,800 yen 84,600 yen 356,400 yen
Conferral of Doctoral Degree 57,000 yen    
First Semester (Apr-Sept) Apr 30 (or sooner if the 30th is a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday)
Second Semester (Oct-Mar) Oct 31 (or sooner if the 31st is a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday)
  • Note: Students who fail to pay their tuition fees in spite of being reminded will be expelled.
  • Screening Fee: payable upon application for the examination.
  • Admission Fee: After you have obtained entrance permission, this fee must be paid to the Accounting Division within a designated time.
  • Tuition Fee: This fee must be paid to the Accounting Division in April and October.
  • Excepting those with Japanese government scholarships, all international students must pay their tuition fees by the due date.
  • It is not necessary for Japanese Government Scholarship Students to pay the Screening, Admission and tuition fees. Other students must pay these fees.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students must pay for the first semester's tuition on the day of enrollment.
    The other semester's fees will be automatically withdrawn from the student's bank account the following April or October.
  • Research students must pay all tuition fees up front the first day of school (or, at the latest, by the end of the first school month). Partial payment is not accepted.
  • Privately financed, degree seeking students (both graduate and undergraduate), who show excellent academic records and are in need of financial assistance, are eligible to be considered for fee exemptions of either the total, or half of the tuition fees. The application process takes place each semester. Not all applicants are available for fee exemptions. Details for the application process will be notified on bulletin boards.

Tuition Relief

Undergraduate or graduate students with excellent grades who find themselves having difficulty paying for tuition due to financial reasons may be eligible to apply for tuition relief. Information regarding tuition relief is posted on-campus. For more details, please contact the Student Affairs Division in Building 19. Application forms for tuition relief are available through the Student Affairs Division.

Depending on the results of the selection process, a student receiving notification of 50% tuition relief or no relief will be informed shortly afterward of the total tuition amount that must be paid by the deadline. Students who do not pay this amount by the due date set forth will be dismissed from NITech.

* Research students and other non-degree students are not eligible for tuition relief.

  • Note: International students who run into unexpected difficulty in paying tuition but qualify for a guarantor might be able to secure a loan from the International Student Support Association.

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