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MEXT Scholarships

Japanese Government Scholarship Students
(selection before arrival to Japan)

a) Embassy recommendation:

MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) requests Japanese embassies to recommend MEXT Scholarship students. (Fig.1)

MEXT requests diplomatic missions overseas to recommend students for scholarships. Because the application process differs according to the country in which the Japanese diplomatic missions located, please check with the Japanese embassy or consular office in your own country.

The scheduled period of arrival in Japan for undergraduate students is April, and April or October for Graduate-level Research Students. In order to be assured of admission to NITech, Research Students must obtain a Letter of Acceptance from a faculty member at our Institute. Please make preliminary contact with a faculty member at our Institute to receive the Letter of Acceptance.

Candidates are recruited by diplomatic missions overseas and recommended to MEXT, which makes a selection through a selection committee, and then submits requests to each of the universities to accept admission of the selected recipients. In principle, International Research Students are required to attend a preparatory education course for six months after arrival prior to enrollment.

Undergraduate Students are required to take a preparatory education class at a Japanese language or other preparatory education institute for one year after arrival prior to enrollment, and may enroll in April of the following year.


Process for Recruiting and Selecting Government-funded International Students through Embassy Recommendation

1st year Feb to Mar Official announcement of application
Deadline for Japanese Government Scholarship Application
May to Oct 1st Selection & Final Selection by Embassy/ MEXT
2nd year February Final result from MEXT
April Preparatory education class / Enroll as a Research student
3rd year April Enroll as a Regular student

* This schedule depends on the Embassy or Consular Office.

b) University Recommendation

International students coming to study in Japan from institutions that have concluded an International Academic Exchange Agreement with the NITech are recommended by our Institute to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, which selects the recipients after conducting a selection process. Arrival in Japan is in October.

Application procedure

  1. Check application qualifications and conditions
    If you are interested in the application, please contact International Student Affairs Office.
    Our office will check whether you satisfy all the required qualifications and conditions.
  2. Find a prospective supervisor
    If you can confirm that you satisfy all the necessary qualifications and conditions, please search for an appropriate supervisor in our researcher database.
  3. Submit application documents
Fig. 2

Process for Application & Selection Schedule

1st year from November to December Official announcement of application
2nd year Around end of January Deadline of NITech
Selection at NITech
March Result from NITech
June Final result from NITech
October Enroll as a Research Student
3rd year April Enroll as a Regular Student

* The above schedule may be changed.

  • Note: An applicant cannot apply for both the (a) Embassy Recommendation and the (b) University Recommendation at the same time.


International students with a Japanese government scholarship receive a monthly stipend. It is important that you open a Japan Post Bank account at the post office as soon as you arrive in Japan. Opening an account at the Nagoya University Hospital Post Office takes little time, so please do so as soon as possible.

In order to receive your scholarship funds, there is paperwork at the International Student Affairs Office that you must sign on the first of every month (or the second or third if the first falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday). Please do not forget to do this every month.

If you temporarily leave Japan and are away for the entire month, you will be unable to receive your scholarship money for that month.

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