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FAQ by International Applications

Q1 How can I get the Application Guide and Application Forms?
A1 You can download them from our website:
Q2 Can I submit TOEFL Examinee Score Report instead of TOEFL Official Score Report?
A2 No.
You need to submit TOEFL Official Score Report.
Please make sure that you ask ETS ( Educational Testing Service) your Official Score Report to reach NITech to allow sufficient time for delivery by the application deadline.
We do not accept Examinee Score Report.
Q3 I asked Educational Testing Service(ETS) to send NITech my TOEFL Official Score Report.
But it won't arrive during the application period. Is it acceptable that it will arrive after the application deadline?
A3 It is not acceptable.
TOEFL Official Score Report must arrive during the application period.
Q4 What is the minimum score requirement for TOEIC?
A4 There is no minimum score requirement.
Q5 What is 'Juminhyo ' in the necessary documents for admission?
A5 It is a residencial certificate. Please ask the public office to issue a copy of your residencial certificate and send it to NITech with other necessary documents.
Do not make a copy of the copy of your residencial certificate by yourself and send it to NITech.
Q6 Can I write my name and adress in the box of 'Name and Address of Contact Person in Japan'?
A6 No.
Please write the name and address of someone except you, like one of your relatives, friends or aquaintances whom we can contact just in cace.
Q7 Do I need to submit the original certificate of graduation (or expected graduation)?
A7 Yes.
A copy of the certificate of graduation (or expected graduation) is not allowed.
Q8 Should I write my answers for the entrance examination in Japanese?
A8 No written examinations are conducted exept Master's Degree Programme.
Although questions will be provided in Japanese, answers may be given either in Japanese or English.
Q9 I am a permanent residence visa holder. Should I change my visa after entering NITech?
A9 If you are a permanent residence visa holder, you can't apply through admissions for Privately Financed International Students.
You should take the same examinations for Japanese nationality holders.
Q10 Can NITech apply for visa for me to visit Japan when I take the examination ?
A10 NITech cannot apply for visa for you.
Please prepare for the necessary conditions and apply for the visa on your own.
For further information, please refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:

Last update:31 Mar. 2017

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