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This corner focuses on a person who has made remarkable achievements at NITech.

August, 2017

Mr. Shin Sung Yong (Republic of Korea)

The second year of doctorial course
Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Firstly, it's great honor for me that I can introduce for my experience through this article. I entered to LG Electronics at 2003 after finishing master degree course in graduate school of POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology) in Korea. In company, I've been working on motor and inverter development for home appliance products. But while working, I had a lot of aspirations that I want to challenge for new one continuously. I always have had a dream of research on new technology field about motor that I had never been encountered, however it was very difficult to take a chance while I working in company. Like a famous saying, " knock, and it shall be opened “I try to have a chance, finally the company gave me a chance, so I have been able to study in japan since 2016.

In recommendation of the professor when I was in master's degree course, I entered the Kosaka Lab in NITech at 2016 and now I am second grade student of doctorial course. I am majoring in motor design and control at department of electrical and mechanical engineering. It was very lucky to be able to start the study and research with professor Kosaka. He is respectful person both personally and academically and especially passionate about his research. In our Lab, we have been studied about many kind of motors, especially the SRM (Switched Reluctance Motor) of them was the thing that I have never been studied in company and professor Kosaka is very famous person for SRM research in japan. I could start a study in such a famous lab and had a good opportunity to deal with optimal algorithm, numerical analysis, electromagnetic and structural coupled analysis widely.

Until now, I have been studied about the algorithm to reduce noise, vibration and torque ripple that is main weak point of SRM. In order to study, I used the electromagnetic and structural analysis, numerical analysis, and optimization algorithm. Through the simulation and experiment, the evaluation of new algorithm is done.

Until now since 2016, I have been studying about reducing noise and vibration of SRM and I had presentation about the thesis to reduce noise and vibration while keeping with high performance (torque and copper loss) in any operating conditions at the conference ICEMS2017 (International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems). I received the best paper award (first prize) in ICEMS 2017.

It is very important research point to reduce noise and vibration in SRM. In the future, while researching about reducing noise and vibration in SRM continuously, I also plan to study about reducing torque ripple that is another big problem in SRM. It is currently under the research to reduce the torque ripple by considering mutual magnetic flux linkage. SRM has very simple and robust structure, so cost is very cheap. However, that has so many weak points. The process to prove and develop the new technology. In order to compensate these weak points, how so interesting is this processing? And I feel satisfied with this process. also If these research results are used in home appliance products usefully after comeback to my company, and future on if these research results are used in the world, how happy is it? If every researchers study with this mind always, they will feel that every day is pleasant.

After finishing doctorial course, I must come back to LG Electronics in Korea. But I love Nagoya as much as I don't want to come back. Especially I think about that, if I can continue to study in NITech after doctorial course, how happy is it. Nagoya is not big city like Tokyo, but Nagoya is a lyrical, comfortable and good place with clean environment. Also NITech is the best place to research with optimized environment. The reason is that there are not only competent faculty member and staff but also built experimental environment well. If are there any person who want to enter doctorial course same as me, I will strongly recommend the NITech. This is because NITech is a charming and well-built university for research.

Consequently, I was able to study about research theme that I want through doctorial course in NITech. And because I know what technology is needed at company, it's very helpful for selecting the target of research. Now days, I feel that my experience and knowledge are becoming richer. There are so many challenges and fail while doing research, but I hope that every researcher in NITech don't be afraid to challenge and will devote yourself to research while thinking about the benefits and happiness that can give to people by developing and researching the technology.

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