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Other Programs for International Students

Asian Human Resources International Graduate Program for Manufacturing Engineering

NITech has developed and launched a Graduate School Doctoral Course (Master’s Course) program for international students through university-industry collaborative partnerships. The program develops super engineers who are familiar with the manufacturing industry and who also have an understanding about Japan combined with a global sense of awareness. Students, who acquire advanced knowledge in the field of manufacturing as well as Japanese language skills for business, are expected to play active roles in Japanese and Japanese-affiliated companies upon graduating from the program. 

Target level Postgraduate (Master’s degree)
Year of implementation From FY 2007
Main scholarships NITech scholarships etc.

Double Degree Program linked to Doctoral Program

This program enables students from partner universities in China to obtain the full degree from our Institute in addition to the degree from the home university under the supervision of a research advisor linked to both institutions. The student can then go on to obtain a doctorate degree from one of the two universities.

Target level Postgraduate (Master’s or PhD degree)
Year of implementation From FY 2007
Partner institutions Tongji University (China),
Beijing University of Chemical Technology (China)
Main scholarships  NITech scholarships etc.

Hanoi Twinning Program

This program is offered in partnership with the Vietnamese government. For the first part of their undergraduate studies, students spend two and a half years in Vietnam taking Japanese language classes and classes in their specialized fields in their native tongue. For the latter half of the program, students are educated in their specialized fields at the NITech.

Objective To train engineers to be future leaders in the manufacturing industry
Target level Undergraduate
Year of implementation From FY 2007
Partner institution Hanoi University of Science and Technology (Vietnam)
Main scholarships  Exemption of tuition, etc.

Afghanistan Young Faculty Education Programs for Kabul University

NITech is supporting the revitalization of universities in Afghanistan through this program whereby young educators in the fields of civil engineering, electricity and information, of whom there is a shortage in Afghanistan, are reeducated in these fields and earn degrees through NITech’s Master’s or Doctorate programs.

Objective To support higher education in developing countries
Target level Postgraduate (Master’s or PhD degree)
Year of implementation From FY 2006
Partner institution Kabul University (Afghanistan)
Main scholarships Government-funded scholarships for international students

Company-sponsored Scholarship System for International students

In July 2008, NITech established a company-sponsored scholarship program for international students. Recipients are referred to as company-sponsored scholarship students. The selection of outstanding scholarship students is maintained by cooperation between NITech and prominent overseas universities. Members of the sponsoring company can observe the interview during the selection process. Company-sponsored scholarship students aim to play active roles in Japanese and Japanese affiliated companies after finishing their studies at NITech.

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