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Commitment to Environment

Environmental Policy

Core Philosophy

At Nagoya Institute of Technology we have put "Education, Innovation and Contribution" at the heart of our educational philosophy.

By "Education", we mean that we will aim to foster engineers and technicians with a genuine concern for humanity, supported by a sound ethical awareness of their role as citizens in society. By "Innovation" we mean innovative creation that leads the way for engineering in the twenty-first century, that can become the intellectual inspiration for industrial creation in the local region, and that also aims to make a genuine return to wider society in terms of manufacturing technology. By "Contribution" we mean that we aim to make a contribution to human happiness and the welfare of societies around the globe, developing innovative engineering that can provide the solutions for the central issues of the twenty-first century, which include sustainable human prosperity and conservation of the world's environment.

Nagoya Institute of Technology's core philosophy regarding care of the environment puts this educational philosophy at its heart, takes full recognition of its duty to put care of the environment at the forefront of its concerns, and aims to make a positive contribution to society through all its environmental conservation activities.

Core Policies

  1. Pursue and promote education and research that contribute towards the formation of a recycling-based society that enables sustainability and development.
  2. Continually improve and enhance environmental education and research.
  3. Foster people of ability with a solid background in engineering who can contribute to the solution of world environmental conservation.
  4. Actively participate in education and research activities related to the environment based on cooperative relationships with the local community.
  5. Comply with laws, regulations and protocol relating to the environment, and also observe required items in self-imposed standards.
  6. Take action towards resource and energy conservation, green procurement, reduction of waste, etc.
  7. Make every effort to achieve the articles laid down in these core policies by establishing firm environmental objectives and goals, and gaining cooperation for their achievement from teaching staff, students and all those who do business with NITech.
  8. Set up an Environmental Action Plan Committee, establish Environmental Management System(EMS), and regularly review and update those rules and procedures.

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