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President UKAI Hiroyuki
Executive Director for Strategic Planning & Evaluation
Vice President
Executive Director for Human Resources Development & ICT
Vice President
Executive Director for General Affairs SAITO Osamu
Auditor SAIGA Masahiro
Auditor FUTAMURA Yukako
Vice -President in charge of Personnel Affairs OBATA Makoto
Vice -President in charge of Social Contribution and Collaboration ERYU Osamu
Vice -President in charge of International Affairs IWAMOTO Yuji
Vice-President in charge of Academic Affairs and Admission IDO Yasushi
Vice-President in charge of Student Affairs and Education Reform Promotion INUZUKA Nobuhiro
Vice-President in charge of Research KAKIMOTO Kenichi
Director of University Library TAKUMI Ichi

(Each name is shown in the order of the family name and the given name.)

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