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Message from the President

Dr. Hiroyuki Ukai

Kinoshita Takatoshi
Nagoya Institute of Technology

—"The Era of Engineering as a Discipline to Be Pursued with Heart and Mind for Humanity"—

Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech) was founded in 1905 as a national institution of higher education, known at that time as the Nagoya Higher Technical School. Since its inception, NITech has advanced together with industries in the Chukyo region of Japan for more than a century.

In conjunction with the development of the regional industrial community, NITech has grown into one of the largest engineering institutions in Japan, covering almost all fields of engineering.

To strengthen cooperation with the industrial community, we are promoting not only co-creation in research but also educational reform in response to requests from local industry. This spring, NITech had its first graduates from the six-year integrated Creative Engineering Program. In academic year 2022, we will start the Fundamental Engineering Program, and in the Doctoral Course, fields of research are integrated into one major to foster leaders of innovation with interdisciplinary awareness.

At the same time, using its Artful Campus currently under development as a platform, NITech places emphasis on liberal arts education to nurture engineers having a rich sense of humanity who can earn the trust of society and the world at large.

Under the slogan of “Engineering with heart and mind for humanity,” Nagoya Institute of Technology is committed to Monozukuri (Innovation), Hitozukuri (Education) and Miraizukuri (Contribution).


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