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International cultural exchange trip (May 28, 2016)

Publishing : May 30, 2016

A trip to Seki, Inuyama and Kakamigahara for NITech Japanese and international students was held for the purpose of international and culture exchange on 28th May. This trip was organized with the great support from NITech International Student Support Association (ISSA). 13 Japanese students and 42 international students from various countries such as China, Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Afghanistan, France and Egypt joined the trip.

First, they visited Seki Traditional Sword Smith Museum and learned the techniques to make Japanese traditional sword 'Katana'. Then, they enjoyed taking a walk around the Inuyama Castle, having lunch with a group of five students from different countries. The last destination was Kakamigahara Aerospace and Science Museum, in which the participants could learn the principle of flight and play some aircraft simulators. They made their original water rockets by bottles with the group.



■ Seki City

■ Inuyama Castle

■ Kakamigahara Aerospace and Science Museum (Japanese)







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