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"NITech Cosmo Village" seeks residents

Publishing : February 21, 2018

"NITech Cosmo Village" will be completed at the end of March 2018. (1st stage of construction completed)
There are openings for 88 residents in April 2018.
(2nd stage of construction is scheduled for completion at end of September 2018, at which time occupancy will increase by 120.
By October, "NITech Cosmo Village" will have a total occupancy of 208 people using all rooms.)
If applicants in April exceed available rooms, residents will be selected according to the NITech's selection provisions.
Applicants who are not selected in April will have priority to enter NITech Cosmo Village when applications are taken in October.
Image of NITech Cosmo Village

NITech Cosmo Village features share-type rooms in which 8 international students and Japanese students live together in one unit, which contains 8 individual rooms. It is anticipated that this will become an iconic facility for the future of Nagoya Institute of Technology by fostering global human resources, and promoting campus globalization and diversity.

Rent (monthly): ¥30,000 (Withdrawal fees will be charged separately.)
Deposit: ¥15,000 (One-time payment on moving in. Charged at time of first rent payment. The deposit is non-refundable, and will be used for cleaning fees, etc., when resident moves out of dorm.)
Utilities (monthly): Electricity charges for individual rooms will be charged separately for each resident's usage amounts. Electricity, water, and gas charges for the common areas (toilet, shower room, living and dining area, etc.) also will be charged based on calculation of totaling all costs and dividing them by the number of dorm residents.

"NITech Cosmo Village" has prepared the following items to ensure that all residents can enjoy a fulfilling and safe university life.
* All rooms are equipped with an air conditioner, bed and mattress, desk and chair, curtains and lace curtains.

* Each unit has a living and dining room area with kitchen. This area is equipped with a dining table and chairs, and television unit so students can make meals and spend relaxing time together.
* The kitchen is equipped with an IH cooking stove and grill, refrigerator, microwave with oven function, and dish cabinet.
* Each unit is designed for comfortable shared living with two each of two toilets with heated seat and warm-water flush system, shower rooms, washbasins, and washing machines and clothes dryers.
* Free Wi-Fi is available in the unit and each individual room.

* The building entrance and unit entrance each have double locks (auto locks). Of course, each individual room can also be locked.
* Visitors can be confirmed from the unit with the video interphone.
* A 24/7 emergency contact is provided for emergencies (incidents, accidents, sudden illness in NITech Cosmo Village.
* Security cameras are installed throughout NITech Cosmo Village.
The University's security patrols the area during the night, etc.
* Bicycle parking is available for all rooms (208 residents) within the NITech Cosmo Village site.
* 'The University campus is just across the street from NITech Cosmo Village.
With a short commute, residents can spend meaningful time for studying and extracurricular activities.
Application Method
Enter the required information in the following " NITech Cosmo Village Dormitory Application". Send by e-mail to the following address with the Subject: NITech Cosmo Village Dormitory Application, or bring it directly to the Student Center Window 7. (Note: Students who are enrolled over the standard years for graduation cannot apply for a room.)
NITech Cosmo Village application form.rtf
NITech Cosmo Village application form.pdf

(The NITech Cosmo Village Dormitory Application is also available at the Student Center Window 7.)

Application Deadline
1st year students (Students enrolling by Engineering Dept. AO or recommendation): by 17:00 Friday, March 2, 2018
Current students: by 17:00 Friday, February 23, 2018 1

Selection of Dormitory Residents
(Students enrolling by Engineering Dept. AO or recommendation): Thursday, March 15, 2018
Current students: Monday, February 26, 2018

Contact for Applications and Inquiries
Telephone: +81-52-735-5608
(International Student Affairs Office: Shibano, Komori)

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