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Japanese Tea Ceremony Lesson for International students.

Publishing : July 13, 2018

Japanese Tea Ceremony Lesson was held on July 6, 2018 and ten students and researchers participated. We visited Mr. Harada who is professional of "URASENKE" which is one of the tea schools.
After we learned the history of "SADO- Japanese Tea Ceremony" and tea utensils, we had Japanese green tea and Japanese sweets. Everyone could make slurping sounds correctly when they had green tea. Making slurping sounds is a distinctive manner of "SADO", so it was a precious experience for the students. Through this experience, the students came to take an interest in Japanese culture more than before.

【Comments from participants】
・"KOICHA-thick tea" was very strong, but rich taste and delicious. "USUCHA-thin tea" was smoother than "KOICHA", I enjoyed the differences between them.
・It was very interesting the entrance of "CHASHITSU-tea house" was designed smaller and lower on purpose for making a bow. I learned importance of equality at "CHASHITSU."

Group photo at "CHASHITSU-tea house" with Mr. Harada.
The student was learning how to use tea utensils.

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