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Students from Tsinghua University visited NITech

Publishing : September 3, 2018

On August 23 of 2018, 10 students selected by Tang Zhougying project, which is jointly established by Tsinghua University and Tang Zhougying Foundation visited NITech.

NITech students from ESS, Peer-Support, Co-op Student Committee, KODAISAI Executive Committee and international students from China participated in the meeting and both students gave presentations about their projects and activities.

Prof.Inuzuka, Vice-President in charge of Student Affairs and Education Reform Promotion, Prof. Yamashita, Special Advisor to the President and Director of Career Support Office, Prof. Masuda, Director of Student Advising Office and staff members from Student Affairs Division and International Affairs Office joined the meeting and had group discussions together.

<Presentation by students>


<Group discussions>


<Group Photo>