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Day Trip to N-TECH Co., Ltd. and Food Replica Workshop

Publishing : December 27, 2018

 On December 7th, 28 International students participated One Day Trip to visit N-TECH Co., Ltd. and Food Replica Workshop in Gifu prefecture.
 In the morning, we visited to "Sample-Kobo" in Gujyo city and experienced making food replicas.For this time, we made replicas of "Prawn Tempura "and "Lettuce". Since it was the first time to make food replicas for most of the students, they enjoyed all the making process while teaching each other.
 In the afternoon, we visited to N-TECH Co., Ltd. N-TECH Co., Ltd has been developing, designing, manufacturing and selling automatic manufacturing equipment. Their customers are manufacturers of beverages, foods, and medical supplies.After briefing on the company's outline, we made the factory tour. We observed inspection equipment and also transport equipment. Students looked at those large machines at close range. This tour gave them further knowledge of engineering in Japanese company.
 Nagoya Institute of Technology have been supporting employments for international students by "Employment Promotion Program for International Student" through a consortium comprising by Nagoya University, Gifu University and Meijo University.
A group photo at N-TECH Co., Ltd.
Experience making food replicas. "Prawn Tempura "

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