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Japanese-German graduate program "Cotutelle" newly launched

Publishing : July 5, 2019

Nagoya Institute of Technology will offer a graduate program called "Cotutelle"(binational doctoral program) from October 2019 with Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) in Germany.
In Japan, the graduate program has been adopted by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) on the Japanese-German Graduate Externship. NITech students are able to study abroad in FAU by JSPS's supports. In Germany, FAU has been adopted by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) on the IRTG(International Research Training Group). FAU students will be supported by DFG to study at NITech.
This Cotutelle program will enable to provide Doctor students with high adaptability and international perspectives.

Our Japanese-German Graduate Externship (JGGE) program is designed to bring scientists and research groups from Japan and Germany together with complementary expertise to facilitate internal and international collaboration on an interdisciplinary, multiscale research project on novel lead-free energy harvesting systems and materials.
In total, 9 departments at NITech (Frontier Research Institute for Materials Science, Frontier Research Institute for Information Science, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Physical Science and Engineering, and Life Science and Applied Chemistry) and FAU (Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry and Pharmacy, and Electrical Engineering) will be involved. This is essential, as the proposed topic on energy conversion systems is inherently interdisciplinary and multiscale in nature and, therefore, requires intensive collaboration across various length scales.
By sharing cutting-edge educational research facilities and providing interdisciplinary learning opportunities, this program aims to establish international and interdisciplinary education research platform through active collaborative research between Japan and Germany. For this purpose we establish binational doctoral program called "Cotutelle." The learning opportunity consists of four special elements (i) Lecture, (ii) Tutorials, (iii) Hands-on Training, and (iv) Collaborative Student Project. They are combined with the joint school "Energy System School" which will facilitate academic, scientific, and cultural exchange between NITech and FAU.
The double supervisor system by Japanese and German Principal investigators (PI) aims for improvement in the quality of the doctoral dissertation by joint doctoral examination and timely completion of doctoral projects through proactive co-mentoring.

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