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Medical and Health

1) National Health Insurance

  • All foreigners residing in Japan for over 3 months and more must enroll in the national health insurance plan.
  • Please visit your ward office upon arrival in Japan and sign up for health insurance at the same time you carry out alien registration procedures.
  • Annual insurance fees for unemployed students come to 16,000JPY, with about 1,300JPY due monthly.
  • Once enrolled in national health insurance, students as well as their household dependents (spouse and children) only pay 30% of the total bill when seeking medical treatment at a hospital.
  • If you go to a hospital with more than 200 beds for a checkup without a letter of referral, you might be charged an extra fee (5,000JPY or more) for your first examination (special treatment fee). This fee will not be required if you have a letter of referral.
  • You may obtain a letter of referral at a local medical clinic.

2) The National Pension Program

  • If you are recommended for the national pension program at the ward office, please apply for an exemption.

3) Health Support Center

  • This center supports your physical and mental health during your campus life. We provide an annual medical check-up, consultations with doctors or clinical psychologists, and first aid by nurses.
  • Don’t hesitate to consult us. All information shared with medical professionals at the center is kept strictly confidential.

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