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Services of campus

1) Bulletin Board

An electronic bulletin board has been set up on campus to serve notices of various kinds to students: class registration procedures and changes (e.g. room changes and cancellations), paging, scholarship availability, etc. Failure to check the bulletin board may result in students missing out on important information, so we would ask you to check the bulletin board on a daily basis for the latest updates.
Please come by regularly to take a look at the bulletin boards located in the Student Center and Education Center for International Students (Bldg. 19). We would like students to be in the habit of using the Student Portal. Students who do not use the Student Portal will be at a disadvantage by missing out on important information. Please be diligent in making use of the Student Portal.

2) Tutors

We have a tutelage system in place whereby senior students (sempai) such as graduate students assist international students newly arrived in Japan in their studies and daily life, in order that new students may more quickly become accustomed to daily life and school life in Japan and achieve better results more quickly in their studies and research.
When students have questions or encounter difficulties in daily life or in their studies, we ask that they first contact their tutor. The tutor is there to help with everything from setting up Japan Post Bank accounts to getting an apartment, finding supermarkets, going shopping, and filling out graduate school application forms. Tutors are meant to serve as helpful advisors for everyone.
The period during which students may participate in this system covers up to two years.

3) Student ID

Your student ID card serves as proof of your identity as a student at the Nagoya Institute of Technology, and both undergraduates and graduate students are issued IDs at the time of enrollment. Research students should apply for an ID when enrolling and have one issued within 7・0 days. Please carry your student ID with you at all times, as you will need it when sitting for exams and when purchasing student transit passes. A replacement fee will be incurred if you lose your student ID card.

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