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China(Beijing University of Chemical Technology)

Name Jiang Zinan
Home University(Country) Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Department at home university Material Science and Engineering
Research Period at NITech 09.2012~07.2013

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About your school

Major reason to enroll to the home university
  1. The location is in Beijing ,which is the capital city of China, and is the nation's political, cultural, and educational center.
  2. It is one of China's key institutions of higher education especially in chemistry, material engineering and chemical engineering.
Fields at the most prevailing at your school
  1. Material Science and Engineering (one of the top 10 among its counterparts nationwide)
  2. Chemical Engineering (one of the top 3 among its counterparts nationwide)
Points you can be proud of your home university
  1. Very good studying atmosphere and research equipment
  2. One of the "Project 211" national universities & one of the top 50 in all Chinese universities.
  3. Gives student enough freedom to choose their research topic and enough space for idea exchange. Teachers and professors respect students and their ideas.
When the semester starts and ends?
Starts at September, ends at June. But some short term exchange programs are not limited by this rule.
Are there any courses offered instructed in English?
We have full courses conducted in English in following major:
  1. Material Science and Engineering
  2. Chemical Engineering
Tell us what you find the differences between home university and NITech in terms of school life, like taking courses or conducting research.
  1. Home university has subscription agreements with all online electronic journals, which provides the students with an enormous free of charge database for the latest publication from all over the world
  2. The research equipment in Nitech is more advanced than BUCT, but for some certain measurements, BUCT is quicker to provide the measurement results.

About residence, circumstances around school and daily life

Monthly rent in average for university students
  1. RMB¥1500 (JPY¥24000) for one bed, two bed in one room.
  2. RMB¥3000(JPY¥48000) for one room.
(In the room, AC, private bath room is provided, public kitchen is provided for each floor.)
Circumstances around University (eg; nearby hospitals, easy access to downtown, countryside, etc.)
University is located near the central of Beijing, belong to the downtown area of Beijing, three minutes walking to the nearest subway station, five minutes walking to the nearby hospital which sponsored by Japan, big supermarket and small shops are surrounded.
Year-round weather condition comparing with that of Nagoya
  1. Spring and autumn is short compared to Nagoya. Summer is not so hot, the average temperature is around 30℃. In winter, the lowest temperature will be around -10℃, and the average is around -5℃. (We have heater in all the rooms)
  2. Humidity is very low, sometimes rain falls only once per month especially in winter. Normally we think the weather is dry.
Monthly living cost and its breakdown
Monthly Living Cost: RMB¥2000 (JPY¥32000)
  1. Food Expenses: RMB¥1300(JPY¥20000)
  2. Miscellaneous Expenses(including shopping, transportation and possible occasional outside dining):RMB¥700(JPY¥12000)

Message to NITech student

Message to NITech student wishing to go abroad to your home university
I really encourage you to come to China, to see this one of the oldest nation in the world, to touch the ancient civilization in the world, to say hello to friendly Chinese people, and to know a China and our Chinese people in the real life but not in the media and newspaper. BUCT is a similar university of NITech, we have same engineering background, we have same studying atmosphere, and we have long history corporation program. Here, in China, in the capital city of China - Beijing, in one of great university in Beijing - BUCT, I believe you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

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