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France(ESTP - Ecole Speciale des Travaux Publics, du Bâtiment et de l'Industrie)

Home University(Country) ESTP (Ecole Speciale des Travaux Publics, du Bâtiment et de l'Industrie) (Paris, France)
Department at home university Civil Engineering (TP, Travaux Publics)
Research Period at NITech 6 months from March to September

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About your school

Major reason to enroll to the home university
One of the leading engineering schools in France; Widespread alumni network; Parternships with numerous engineering firms, Parternships with numerous foreign universities
Fields at the most prevailing at your school
Civil engineering, Building, Mechanics and Electricity, Land surveying
Points you can be proud of your home university
Wide range of international contacts
When the semester starts and ends?
First semester from September to January; Second semester from February to June
Are there any courses offered instructed in English?
A few courses are taught in English, such as Strength of Materials, Off-shore, Steel Construction Nuclear Engineering.
Tell us what you find the differences between home university and NITech in terms of school life, like taking courses or conducting research.
More research facilities in NITech (laboratories , specialised departments) and maybe more facilities and utilities on the campus (bank, combini, cafeteria) in NITech. More green spaces in ESTP. Pratical experience required (internships) in the ESTP education system.

About residence, circumstances around school and daily life

Monthly rent in average for university students
around 600 euros per month for the room rent in the student dormitory on the campus, around 450 euros monthly for a room in the international residence for students in Paris
Circumstances around University (eg; nearby hospitals, easy access to downtown, countryside, etc.)
15 to 20 min from Paris downtown, many facilities around and in the campus (subway station nearby, shops, restaurants, other university, libraries, sport grounds, bank and post offices), 1h from country side
Year-round weather condition comparing with that of Nagoya
Spring: Nice weather, sunny but no ohanami in the parcs but the flower in bloom everywhere ; Summer: not as hot and dry; Autumn: a bit windy but nice weather; Winter: not as cold as in Nagoya
Monthly living cost and its breakdown
450 euros monthly to have a confortable student life, buying groceries (green vegetables and fruits) cheaper, Paris can be stressful..

Message to NITech student

Message to NITech student wishing to go abroad to your home university
If you are interested by French culture and feel brave enaugh to experience student life in Paris, welcome to ESTP! New situations that will for sure change your self and point of view, many discoveries and surprises await you. Help you find out more about yourself and others. Memorable experience that would lead to a valuable change in your life

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