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France(ENSCL - National Superior School of Chemistry of Lille)

Name Rémi PAPON
Home University(Country) Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (ENSCL), France
National Superior School of Chemistry of Lille (ENSCL), France
Department at home university Engineer course
Research Period at NITech 04.2013~09.2013

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About your school

Major reason to enroll to the home university
Fields at the most prevailing at your school
Chemistry, materials, organic chemistry, polymers
Points you can be proud of your home university
International, study of all fields of chemistry, Lille is a good place
When the semester starts and ends?
September-January and February-June
Are there any courses offered instructed in English?
Tell us what you find the differences between home university and NITech in terms of school life, like taking courses or conducting research.
No research before the end of master degree (except if it is a internship or a exchange in research program), all courses are in French, only 200 students

About residence, circumstances around school and daily life

Monthly rent in average for university students
180 euros
Circumstances around University (eg; nearby hospitals, easy access to downtown, countryside, etc.)
University outside of the center of the city, subway to go to the downtown
Year-round weather condition comparing with that of Nagoya
Cooler air and longer days in summer
Monthly living cost and its breakdown
300 euros

Message to NITech student

Message to NITech student wishing to go abroad to your home university
Lille is one of the best place of France, people are kind and it is always possible to meet someone there. Even if the lessons are in French, maybe research students use only English because researchers can speak English, as students. I think it is a great opportunity to see another country with different people and to learn a new language and a new culture.

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