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International Relations

Spain(UPV - Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)

Name Soler Montaner, Bosco
Home University(Country) Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV) (SPAIN)
Department at home university Architecture
Research Period at NITech 04.2013~09.2013

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About your school

Major reason to enroll to the home university
Proximity to my hometown.
Fields at the most prevailing at your school
Architecture, Engineering.
Points you can be proud of your home university
Great campus with a lot of infrastructures. Good education.
When the semester starts and ends?
Semester starts in September. Ends in June.
Are there any courses offered instructed in English?
Tell us what you find the differences between home university and NITech in terms of school life, like taking courses or conducting research.
UPV has much more students, so sometimes the classes are too crowded. Also UPV campus is not open 24h.

About residence, circumstances around school and daily life

Monthly rent in average for university students
Renting a room in a shared apartment (the cheapest and most common option in Valencia for students) is around 150-200 euros. A room in a residence is around 500-800 euros.
Circumstances around University (eg; nearby hospitals, easy access to downtown, countryside, etc.)
Campus is well communicated, with a health center inside. There are a lot of apartments available for renting arount the area.
Year-round weather condition comparing with that of Nagoya
Valencia’s weather is almost the same as Nagoya’s but it doesn’t rain so much.
Monthly living cost and its breakdown
If you rent a room in an apartment: 200 euros. Monthly budget in total should be around 600 euros.

Message to NITech student

Message to NITech student wishing to go abroad to your home university
Valencia is a GREAT city to study. Education is good. Weather is great. Food is awesome. The campus has a lot of facilities like cafeterias, sport infrastructures, etc. and is located 10 minutes from the beach! Also there are literally thousands of exchange students in the city, that means a lot of party, meeting a lot of new people and there are always something to do. Spanish students are also very open to foreign people.

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