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Collaborative Research

Under the framework of collaborative research, NITech's researchers and their counterparts at external institutions work jointly and on equal footing to achieve outstanding outcomes in common projects.

Flow of collaborative research

The flow of joint research

Forms of collaborative research

① Collaborative research at NITech

External institutions, etc. send their affiliated researchers ("Collaborator's Researchers") to NITech with or without paying expenses and other fees for collaborative research, in order to work jointly with NITech's faculty members on common projects.

② Collaborative research at NITech and external institutions (shared responsibility research)

NITech and external institutions, etc. each work on different aspects of common projects. External institutions, etc. offer expenses and other fees for collaborative research and may send their researcher(s) to NITech.

Handling, etc. of patents

Patents for any inventions that may arise as a result of collaborative research will be jointly applied for by NITech and external institutions, etc. after defining each other's shares in the research.

In principle, expenses for patent application will be shared between NITech and external institutions, etc. in accordance with their respective shares in the patent.

Patent rights concerning collaborative research may be exercised preferentially by external institutions, etc. or individuals designated by them for a period of not longer than ten (10) years after their application has been filed, provided, however, that such period may be extended when necessary.

Tax incentives for external institutions, etc.

External institutions, etc. may be eligible for corporate tax credits up to a certain amount of their spending on experiment and research expenses. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Inquiries, etc.

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