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Vision of NITech

~Aiming for the university to lead social innovation through
“Engineering with heart and mind for humanity”~

Co-creation with Chukyo area industries

For engineering to build a healthy future society, technological development through dialogue with people must be emphasized. In the fourth period, we set a goal to be a university that declares and promotes "engineering for creation of happiness." It means that we pursue how engineering can best perform as communication of "Engineering with heart and mind for humanity" to establish a future vision or ideal society through dialogue, rather than simply by technological development. We cultivate engineers from various aspects to create a new social infrastructure through dialogues with various people from objective and panoramic viewpoints while remaining close to stakeholders. We also promote world-level advanced research based on global and diverse cooperation to facilitate technological development and business solution by "Co-creation with Chukyo area industries" while leading the regional industries.

  • Strategy1

    Social Co-creation

    Contribute to creation of future society~Partnership with communities, Return of research achievements~
    We lead the establishment of engineering technology that supports social innovation by co-creatively utilizing and promoting our accumulated advanced and sophisticated research achievements in line with the requirements and expectations of our stakeholders.
  • Strategy2

    Engineer Cultivation (Education)

    Practice education based on “Engineering with heart and mind for humanity,”remaining close to stakeholders~Cultivation of diverse human resources with rich cultural perspective to create a future society~
    We cultivate autonomous engineers and researchers who can cooperatively contribute to technology creation and business solutions in light of composite viewpoint/values while realizing the responsibility of engineering with a rich cultural perspective and consistently high-level expertise/ability in place.
  • Strategy3

    Research and Development

    Promote world-level advanced research required by the region~Creation of scientific knowledge and innovation that responds to the regional industries~
    We focus on world-level research promotion and cultivation of young researchers by expanding our research functions and further enhancing global collaboration toward the creation of scientific knowledge that will contribute to the creation of a regional future society.

Organizational Enhancement

Create a foundation to maximize functions of education/research/social contribution~Securing governance with autonomy and transparency~
While increasing autonomy and transparency, we smoothly promote each strategy of social co-creation, engineer cultivation, and R&D to enhance the foundation for realizing our vision. We also pursue the system and environment by which we earn credibility and support from our stakeholders.

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