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Copyright 2009-2013 Nagoya Institute of Technology (MMDAgent Model "Mei")

Copyright 2009-2013 Nagoya Institute of Technology (MMDAgent Accessory "NIT Menu")

Mei-chan is a cute 3D character who is part of the Voice Interactive Digital Signage system, and campus guide at Nagoya Institute of Technology.
She stands at the front gate of Nagoya Institute of Technology.
Since April, 2011, she has welcomed all visitors and given them directions to their destination on our campus.

MMDAgent(Open source and Free Software !)

The system was built by using MMDAgent, a software package with voice recognition platform (Julius), voice synthesis(HTS), 3D character display and voice interaction control.

Information on events, seminars and visitors etc. are shown on floating panels on the screen. Information can be posted by academic and admin staff from the campus portal site.

Cooperation with Information Technology system

What can Mei-chan do?


  • Provide campus guidance
  • Introduce academic staff
  • Introduce the President
  • Provide event information
  • Display various events posters
  • Provide weather forecasts
  • Provide horoscopes

Conversation examples

Sorry, Mei-chan can speak only Japanese.

Example 1

Visitor: Toshokan wa dokodesuka? (Where is the library?)
Mei-chan: Toshokan wa seimon kara miruto migimaeno hoko ni arimasu.
(From the front gate, the library is on the right, at the front. )

Example 2

Visitor: Shumi wa nandesuka? (What is your hobby?)
Mei-chan: Yakyuu kansen desu. (I like watching baseball.)

Example 3

Visitor: Gourmet joho wo oshiete. (Please give me some information on dining possibilities.)
Mei-chan: Meikoudai campus naino lunch map desu. (Here is an on-campus lunch map.)

Example 4

Visitor: Nansai desuka? (How old are you?)
Mei-chan: Himitsu desu! (It is a secret!)

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