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Mei & Takumi

Mei & Takumi are life-size 3D characters who serve as campus guides through the voice interactive digital signage, located near the Front Gate of Nagoya Institute of Technology.
Their installation and operation were made possible by cooperation among the Speech and Language Processing Laboratory, the Information Technology Center, and the Secretariat at Nagoya Institute of Technology.
This is the world's first all-weather digital signage where Mei and Takumi appearing on the large display recognize visitors' voices and provide campus guide.
From the standpoint of promoting internationalization, voice interaction in English and Chinese are conducted on a trial basis. Operation tests in sign language and spoken language are also conducted with the aim of improving accessibility and creating barrier-free facilities.
In addition, from the perspective of disaster risk reduction, they are equipped with a function to convey earthquake early warnings by voice and images to urge people to take evasive actions.

Copyright 2009-2018 Nagoya Institute of Technology (MMDAgent Model "Mei","Takumi")

Copyright 2009-2018 Nagoya Institute of Technology (MMDAgent Motion "Info of Mei","Info of Takumi",MMDAgent Expression "Smile of Mei","Smile of Takumi")

MMDAgent (Open source and Free Software !)

The system was built by using MMDAgent, a software package with speech recognition platform (Julius), speech synthesis (HTS), 3D character display and voice interaction control.

Information on events, seminars and visitors etc. are shown on floating panels on the screen. Information can be posted by student and academic staff from the campus portal site.

Cooperation with Information Technology system

Promoting fusion research

Hardware (case)

Hardware (microphone stand)

What can Mei & Takumi do?


  • Provide campus guidance
  • Introduce academic staff
  • Introduce the President
  • Provide event information
  • Display various events posters
  • Provide weather forecasts
  • Provide horoscopes

Conversation examples

Visitor : Nice to meet you.

Mei : Nice to meet you.
I am Mei, Campus Guide of Nagoya Institute of Technology.

Visitor : Nice weather today.

Mei : It's a nice weather today isn't it? I got sleepy.


You can see conversations with Mei and Takumi in this video.

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