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The NITech HOMECOMING day is November 3, 2016.

Category:Event|Publishing : September 28, 2016

Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech) will hold the 2nd Homecoming Day on November 3 (Thursday/Holiday), 2016. All alumni and their families are welcome to NITech campus.


SPECIAL VISITOR: Dr. Roald Hoffmann, a 1981 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

roald hoffmann photo credit Michael Grace-Martin cropped.jpg

Honorary Professor Roald Hoffmann of Cornell University

photograph by Michael Grace-Martin

Special Seminar & Play

1pm to 4pm @NITech Hall Prior booking essential, 300 people only, for FREE.

Seminar ; "Returning, Remembering, Forgiving - a little boy in hiding in World War 2 returns 62 year later to Ukraine"

Play ; "Something That Belongs to You", Japan Premire!

The play "Something That Belongs to You" was written by Dr. Hoffmann. The story can be found in his website. Ms. Keiko Kawashima, a professor of Nagoya Institute of Technology is one of his Japanese friends, so she translated the play into Japanese language.


1. For booking and inquiries, please contact General Affairs Division. The contact detail is below in this page.

2. The seminar and play are ones of the program of the Homecoming reception ceremony. The speeches of Dr. Hiroyuki Ukai, President of the Nagoya Institute of Technology and of Mr. Toshio Mizushima, Chairperson of Nagoya Kogyokai (alumni association) will be followed by the seminar and play.

Message from Dr. Hoffmann

To my Japanese friends

Is there something to learn from a personal story of survival more than 70 years old? And the way it shakes a family some decades later? Yes, for every day, today, the news brings us terrible images of human cruelty to other human beings, of refugees, of families and children desperately striving for survival. Yet, in the midst of that suffering there is humanity, one person reaching out to another, despite risk to oneself and family -- reaching out a hand, and helping. The gods... stand by; it is human beings who make choices for good and for evil. The play you are about to see performed, or to read, is my story, but it is also for all of us.

Roald Hoffmann


Other events of HOMECOMING

The following events will be done by Japanese speaking only.

10:00-12:30 Special Seminar "Health Engineering" by three NITech Professors @Bld. 4

Prof. Yoshifumi Morita, Prof. Shohei Kato, and Prof. Akihito Sano will talk about their research which are related to health and longevity.

11:20- / 11:45- Campus Tour @Bld. 4 Prior booking essential

Campus tour will include visiting Instrument and Research Technology Center where you can see several rare research rooms and instruments.

Each group can accommodate 20 people. All tours are charge-free.

11:30- 13:00 Lunch time @University Hall

16:30-18:00 Party @University Hall Prior booking essential

The alumni, students and university staff will join the party.

300 people. JPN2,000 yen per person will be charged.

Booking and Inquiries

Please contact General Affairs Division

e-mail: soumuka.kakari (at)

Booking deadline : 1 November (Tuesday)


Photos of the last year homecoming




Campus Tour




Commemorative lecture


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