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【Application period : from July 28 to August 1】Nagoya Institute of Technology and University of Wollongong Joint Degree Doctoral Program in Informatics to be established in March 2018

Category:Notice|Publishing : July 26, 2017

JD_image.pngWe will begin a new Doctoral Degree Program of Joint Degree Doctoral Program in Informatics between Nagoya Institute of Technology and the University of Wollongong (Australia) in March 2018. This Program will confer a single degree jointly to students who complete it. We will train engineers and researchers worldwide in four technologies (AI, IoT, Big Data, Security) to help realize a super smart society.

About the International Cooperative Department


Nagoya Institute of Technology and University of Wollongong


Doctoral Program (3 years)

Acquired degree

Doctor of Philosophy * Joint Degree

Admission Capacity

2 Persons
* Students who are currently enrolled at Nagoya Institute of Technology and Wollongong University (one from each institution)

Admission month

At University of Wollongong : March
At Nagoya Institute of Technology : April


March 2018

  1. International cooperative program (A graduate school that provides an educational program in collaboration with an overseas university) Multiple universities in Japan and overseas cooperate to make utmost use of their education and research resources to offer more advanced, innovative, and enticing programs than can a single university, thereby providing high-quality, high-value-added study opportunities to students with the goal of creating outstanding human resources desired by universities, nations, businesses, and communities. For that purpose, jointly cooperative universities implement an educational program and confer degrees jointly.
  2. Main features of our Joint Degree Program
    1) Degrees are conferred jointly by Nagoya Institute of Technology (hereinafter, NITech) and the University of Wollongong (hereinafter, UoW). The type of degree offered is a doctorate (Doctor of Philosophy).
    2) Students are enrolled at both NITech and UoW. Supervisors from both universities are tasked with providing research guidance, allowing students to conduct research from a wide range of perspectives.
    3) Students first conduct one year of research under the supervisors' guidance at NITech, followed by another year of research guidance at UoW, after which they return to Japan and apply for their degree at NITech. If the application is approved by the Joint Academic Review Committee, consisting of members from both universities, they are conferred a joint degree by both universities.
    4) Comprehensive research guidance is provided over a three-year period to each individual student through the Co-creative Seminar, which is implemented using a remote teaching (teleconferencing) system.

About the University of Wollongong

University of Wollongong (UoW) is a public university located in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. UoW is in the top 2% position of the world university rankings (218 th in the world - QS World University Rankings 2016/2017 etc.) and has received a high international evaluation.

University of Wollongong URL


Admission Requirements

In order to nurture human resources according to our educational philosophy, students who satisfy the following are admitted from within Japan and around the world. Students who study under the doctoral program should possess the specialized engineering knowledge and the skill level of a master's degree holder, as well as a sense of mission regarding technological innovation, an understanding of the philosophy behind this Program, and the desire to play a role in information technology. In particular:
1) a master's degree or who have equivalent abilities
2) advanced specialist knowledge of the specialist field to which they aspire, who have the ability to utilize this knowledge for problem solving, and who have the ability to conduct research that is both new and beneficial
3) the communication proficiency to read and write academic papers in English and other languages, and to engage in expert level discussions with other people
4) a strong desire to play a leading role in creating a new society at the global level through advanced information technology

*Please see the Admissions Guide(pdf) for details.

Personnel Image to Train

1) The skills to understand the problems facing the global community from a technological perspective and the ability to create a vision of the future form of the industrial community
2) Highly specialized knowledge in the field of informatics and wide-ranging interest and penetrating insight into technologies that will help to create an super-smart society
3) The ability to lead innovation through high originality and the ability to promote research

About the Curriculum

In this Program, one supervising teacher is arranged from each university, and the two supervising teachers collaborate. In consideration of the content of the research plan created by the student and depending on the individuality of the research of each student and their progress, we will prepare a guidance plan and provide research guidance. The standard length of the Program is 3 years; one year during the Program (usually during the second year) the student will stay at the partner university and conduct research.
In the case of students enrolled at Nagoya Institute of Technology, the first year will involve advancement of research at Nagoya Institute of Technology, and deepening the student's professional insight and the acquisition of expert knowledge. In the second year, the student will travel to Australia and complement the content of their research through exposure to the fields that are the strengths of the University under the supervisor of the University of Wollongong, and deepen their international bird's-eye view through encounters with different cultures. In the 3rd year, the student will return to Nagoya Institute of Technology and complete their doctoral dissertation by summarizing the research results.
Since the supervising teachers of both universities that are geographically distant from each other instruct jointly, it is possible to receive guidance from both academic advisors, regardless of the university at which the student is staying at the time by using the remote conference system etc. Both advisory professors prepare a system that allows students to share the progress of their research and the knowledge and abilities they have acquired.
The degree of achievement of the student's ability is evaluated using Rubric, and students will receive the "final research plan review" by the end of the first year and the "research intermediate report review" by the end of the second year. At the end of this Program, the student will deliver a paper at the Joint Journal Review Board consisting of academic advisors of both universities, and will undergo oral exams and final exams.


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