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Funded Research, Testing, and Researchers

Funded research

When commissioned by external institutions, etc., NITech's researchers conduct research work with associated expenses being covered by the sponsor institution. Unlike collaborative research, in these cases external institutions, etc. do not need to dispatch their researchers to NITech.

Funded research will be conducted as it is requested.

Flow of funded research

The flow of funded research

Handling of patents

Patents for any inventions that may arise as a result of funded research will belong to NITech or researchers affiliated with NITech. Such rights that belong to NITech may be exercised preferentially by the sponsor or individuals designated by the sponsor for a period of not longer than ten (10) years after their application has been filed, provided, however, that such period may be extended when necessary.

Funded testing

NITech may conduct tests / analysis and provide expert opinions at the request of an external institution.

Please contact the Instrument and Research Technology Center for more details.

Funded researchers

NITech accepts researchers and engineers who are on active service from external institutions, etc. to provide them with graduate school-level research guidance with a view toward helping them to further develop their skills.

Funded researchers will be accepted as they are requested.

Flow of the funded researcher system

The flow of a funded-research member

Research fees

Duration Research period (within the same academic year) Amount
Long Between six and twelve months JPY541,200
Short Not longer than six months JPY270,600

Handling of patents

Patents for any inventions that may arise will be held jointly by NITech (or researchers affiliated with NITech) and the funded researchers concerned, or belong solely to the funded researchers concerned, according to the degree of contribution to inventions.

Inquiries, etc.

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