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Assembly in 2010NITech Indonesia Alumni Association

Date and Time Feb 12, 2010
Place Hotel Nikko Jakarta (Indonesia Jakarta)

The 1st Nagoya Institute of Technology Indonesia Alumni association was held and participants were 14 graduates and NITech faculty/staff members including President. Matsui and Prof. Yamamoto (director of NITech International Center). In addition, Mr. Shiojiri from the Indonesia Embassy of Japan was invited as honored guest and gave a congratulatory speech. Overall friendly atmosphere contributed to success of the event.

At the beginning of the assembly, on behalf of the alumni, Mr. Djangwe Rono, who is the executive director of Association of Indonesian Alumni from Japan (PERSADA) gave a speech with his ambition towards the future alumni activity. President Matui talked about the purpose of establishment of overseas alumni association and current news of NITech. After that, every alumni introduced themselves in Japanese and talked about their specialized field back in school and their current life.
Also, NITech DVD was played, and everyone enjoyed conversation about the good old days.

In the assembly, first election of the board member was held, and Mr. Firdausi Manti Muhamad who is a member of Technology Center for Marine Survey-BPPT was elected as a President. He expressed his willingness to develop future Alumni Association, "Although many of Indonesian alumni are busy supporting at the forefront of technology, we hope to have annual meeting to deepen relations and exchange information on work and study."

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