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Assembly in 2006NITech Korea Alumni Association

Date and Time December 2nd, 2006 (Sat) 18:00~20:00
Place Hilton Hotel Amber Room (Korea/Seoul)

The 1st Nagoya Institute of Technology Korea Alumni Association was held and invited Mr. Mitani from Embassy of Japan in Korea as a guest. 20 participants including 16 graduates living in Korea, President Matsui, Prof. Takahashi (Executive Director,) Prof. Sato (Director of Education Center for International Students) attended it. It became a successful first assembly.

President Matsui talked about purpose of establishing an overseas alumni association, and NITech DVD was played. Also, in commemoration of the establishment of Korea alumni association, the new alumni association president Mr. Choi Young Sik gave a present to President Matsui to express their appreciation.

Most of alumni met for the first time, but they shared about old school days at NITech, current life in Korea, and the future alumni activities, and 2 hours passed quickly. It became a memorable day of establishment of the first overseas alumni association.

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