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Assembly in 2018NITech Korea Alumni Association

Date and Time September 1st, 2018(Sat)18:00
Place ENA SUITE HOTEL (Korea/Seoul)

The 2nd Nagoya Institute of Technology Korea Alumni Association was held on September 1st, 2018 in Seoul, Korea.

NITech Korea Alumni Association has been established in 2006. In order to promote alumni activities further, the president of the alumni association has been newly elected and the 2nd Alumni association was held this time.

18 alumni living in Korea, Assoc.Prof. Eunju Kim, Education Center for International Students, NITech and two administrators from NITech participated in the gathering. The meeting was started with the greeting from the newly appointed president, Dr. Jong Jaehun and the alumni and NITech shared about themselves and updated the current news. The all participants deepened relationship in a friendly atmosphere.

We are planning to hold the Alumni Association gathering regularly after the next year as well and have close contacts between the alumni in Korea and NITech.

Group Photo of NITech Korea Alumni Association

Congratulatory speech by Assoc.Prof. Eunju Kim,
Education Center for International Students

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