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Assembly in 2010NITech Malaysia Alumni Association

Date and Time Nov 28, 2010
Place Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur

In Feb. 2010 the third NITech Alumni Association was founded, and the FOURTH one was established this November likewise. We persistently have put our heart and soul into building up stronger ties between alumni and us. The Malaysia alumni and our faculty/staff members used the upmost effort to found the NITech Malaysia Alumni Association in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Sunday Nov. 28, 2010. The first alumni association was in Seoul (Republic of Korea), the second one, in Shanghai (China); and the third one, in Jakarta (Indonesia).

The first general assembly of the NITech Malaysia Alumni Association was held at Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur. This gathering party consisted of 14 former students, Prof. Minoru Takahashi (NITech President), Prof, Koshi Yamamoto (director of NITech International Center) and other NITech faculty/staff members. In addition, the ambassador of Japan in Malaysia Masahiko Horie was invited as honored guest, whose congratulatory speech did put enthusiasm into the audience. And overall friendly atmosphere contributed to success of the event.

At the alumni reunion ceremony, the first item of the agenda was a speech by Dr. Ahmad Shuhaimi Bin Abu Bakar who was selected to serve as a president. He completed his doctoral degree program in 2010 at NITech and took a senior lecturer position at the University of Malaya. His speech outlined some important issues and future plans.

Then, NITech President made a powerful statement, putting a heavy emphasis on a core function of NITech alumni association. His viewpoint expected NITech overseas alumni associations to function as a global networking hub.

Then, the second agenda set the stage for each member’s informative introduction in Japanese, which enabled the participants to have a chance to catch up with them. Furthermore, the DVD which conveyed the latest information on NITech was played. The participants had a splendorous time talking about old times.

group photo

Masahiko Horie

NITech President

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