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Assembly in 2007NITech Shanghai Alumni Association

Date and Time May 20, 2007 (Sun) 19:00~21:00
Place Hilton Hotel (China, Shanghai)

The 1st NITech Shanghai Alumni Association was held with 24 graduates (or former students) living in China and Prof. Matsui (NITech President), Prof, Takahashi (Executive Director,) Prof, Sato (Director of NITech International Center) and 3 other faculty/staff members from NITech.

In addition, Vice-Consul Mr. Yokota from Consulate-General of Japan in Shanghai was invited as honored guest, and he gave a congratulatory speech for establishment of NITech Shanghai Alumni Association.

At the assembly, President Matsui stated the purpose of establishing an overseas alumni association, and NITech DVD was played. It was great occasion to know how NITech alumni play important roles in China.

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