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Assembly in 2016NITech Vietnam Alumni Association

Date and Time Jan 10, 2016
Place Hotel Nikko Hanoi

Nagoya Institute of Technology of Vietnam Alumni Association (NVAA) is 5th overseas reunion following by one of Korea (Seoul), China (Shanghai), Indonesia (Jakarta), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).

The first NVAA was held at Hotel Nikko Hanoi which located in Hanoi city. Thirteen former Vietnamese NITech students and six members from NITech participated the reunion.

It was remarkable that not only member of NVAA but also Vietnam local companies (seven members from four companies jointed NVAA) attended the reunion.

We also had a congratulatory speech from Prof. Dr. Nguyen, Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

In the reunion, Mr. Ngo Hoai Duc who became the first chairman of alumni made the first speech. Director of Education Center for International Students, Dr. Yamamoto explained about purpose of the reunion establishment. The meeting went on with a lively atmosphere from beginning to end. At last, gift (polo shirts which was designed by Vietnam students) from NVAA presented to all members.

We are planning to strengthen and develop the network with the companies as future activity.

Director of Education Center Commemorative photo for International Students Dr. Izumi Yamamoto

Commemorative photo

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