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Mr. Akihiro Tsuchiya receives "Excellent Student-Paper Award" at PSE Asia 2016

Category:Award|Publishing : August 24, 2016

Mr. Akihiro Tsuchiya, Department of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Industrial Management Engineering of Graduate School of Engineering receives "Excellent Student-Paper Award" at PSE Asia 2016 7th International Symposium on Design, Operation and Control of Chemical Processes, which is held in Tokyo, Japan, July 24-27, 2016.


Awarded Paper "Zoning Management of Secured Industrial Control System"

We have been proposing a design methodology of security zones for keeping plant's safety operations under a cyber-attack against ICS (Industrial Control System). In this research, not only spatial but also temporal zoning (called Dynamic Zoning) method was discussed to reduce the possibility of incidents and to improve detection capability of cyber-attacks. The implementation of proposed method is illustrated by using an OpenFlow controller that is extended to achieve ICS specific operational state management.


Award winner's comments:

I am very glad to be received the award because cyber security of Industrial Control Systems is a topic which has been interested all over the world. Because it is difficult to protect Industrial Control Systems from cyber-attacks completely, we have to consider that how we can reduce damages when the system is attacked. For that, I will expand my research to autonomously functionalize the methodology which we proposed in the paper under cyber incidents.


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