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Mr.Seiya Kadoishi receives Best Paper Award in ANQ2018

Category:Award|Publishing : October 10, 2018


Award winner

Seiya Kadoishi, Department of Architecture, Design, Civil Engineering and Industrial Management Engineering
(Kawamura Laboratory)


16th Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) Congress 2018 Best Paper Award
Asian Network for Quality(ANQ)

Award-winning research

Control charts are effective statistical process control methods for detecting defects and improving quality. However, they do not function appropriately in high-mix low-volume production, which has become mainstream recently, because enough samples can not be obtained. In this research, we used hierarchical bayesian modeling to comprehensively use information among multiple product types. As a result, the proposed method showed high parameter estimation accuracy.


Award winner's comments:

I am delighted to receive this award. I greatly appreciate the support of Assoc. Prof. Kawamura and laboratory members who give valuable opinions. I will make efforts to solve problems in the manufacturing industry by further developing the proposed method.

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